Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Gifts

I don't usually give my grandchildren eggs and lollies for Easter because they get heaps from their parents and others. This year I sewed something for the two older boys. Felix needed a new library bag. I made him a monster one in  when he was in Kinder and he's still using it. When I asked him what he wanted on it he said he wanted a guitar. Very cool indeed. Fortunately I also had some black fabric with musical notes on it. I know he'll love this.

Theo gets a book cushion. It's made of white linen.The front has his initial on it and the back has a black pocket to fit his current book in. The fastening of the cushion cover has four buttons and the handle has two buttonholes which simply attach to the buttons on the back opening. I made this ingenious invention after I had forgotten to put the handle on Felix's book cushion. It works a treat and I like it better than attaching it to the seam. Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Great gifts and much longer lasting than chocolate. Bet the boys will love them.