Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blaize's Quilt

Every now and then I feel the need to do a scrap quilt. They have always been my favourites. This is the latest for a young friend of mine aged 15. Blaize had a nasty accident a month or so ago and broke his jaw. Hence his quilt is called "JAWS". It's a classic easy, fast and effective post and rail quilt. Each block has something red and something black in it. The rest is variable. I had to avoid florals of course so there are a lot of spots and stripes and geometrics in this one. I decided that a border was too conventional and a bit Nana-ish and simply added extra blocks to size it up for a lap quilt.  It measures 63" X 63" and so is  big enough to use on his bed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Present for my Oldest Grandson

It's my oldest grandson's 8th birthday tomorrow (Valentine's Day) and I've made him a "Reading Cushion". Suzi found a tutorial for a cushion cover with a book pocket in it and thought it was a great gift idea. I have adapted it considerably but the basic design is the same as the original. It's a great idea for a child  who is hooked on reading. In the original pattern the pocket is on the front of the cushion but Sooz wanted a big initial on the front so I had to find a way of managing the back opening along with the pocket on the back. The cover is made from delectable grey linen with  black for contrast. The letter was big enough for me to machine applique on and I  stuck the black lettering on with Vliesofix. I put 4 black buttonholes and black buttons on the back opening. Needless to say the only cushion insert I had was too big so it's bulging a little but it's OK. THEN I realised I had forgotten  to put the handle on, hence the strip of fabric with two buttonholes which buttons the handle onto the back opening. Works a treat. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Japanese Style Runner

Ages ago my very talented sister-in-law, Helen (commonly known as Sis), gave me some machine made blocks which looked like sashiko. I liked them so much I thought I'd gussy them up in a table runner. This is the result. I love the dragonfly fabric with its pretty colours but didn't have quite enough for the four corner blocks. I did manage to find another dragonfly fabric though and used it in the small corner blocks.