Friday, April 25, 2014

St Bats Retreat May 2014 coming up!

 Here is a little bit of the quilt detail . You can see how an "eye spy" quilt could be as much fun as a book for early learning.

Each year I go on a quilting retreat, usually in the Blue Mountains somewhere. It's my job to organise a challenge for that retreat. I set the parameters, make up the rules and remind people to get going every three months.
 For 2014 we are all making children's quilts. These quilts will be donated to a local Sydney charity which helps families in crisis. The quilts will be displayed at the retreat and prizes awarded to the best. St Ives quilters have generously organised people and businesses to donate prizes. It's always fun marvelling at the beautiful creative sewing that retreat members do.
 I'm doing two quilts. One  is a traditional scrap quilt (above). I used a lot of leftover scraps of novelty and children's fabrics to make this "eye spy" quilt for children to have fun with. I have made the quilt top for a second one and now have to quilt and bind it. Hope I finish it in time!

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  1. What a great focus for the challenge. Have a wonderful time, all that time to stitch and chat with friends, lovely.