Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Eco - Vegetable Bags July 2019

I've been making these vegetable bags for some time now. The pink tulle came from Vinnies and there are black tulle bags as well. They save me from using more and more plastic bags which pollute our landfill. In addition they are really practical because you can hold the bag under the tap and wash the veges/fruit,  then put the bags on the draining board to dry out. After that they can go straight into the crisper. The colour is a bit off-putting but after all, the tulle is re-purposed and the colour doesn't really matter.

Baby Quilt for Aaron July 2019

My eye specialist takes great care with my sight and I'm very grateful to him for preserving it. Recently he had a wee baby boy and called him Aaron. Since I had made his daughter a quilt when she was born, it was time to make another. The choice of owl fabric (owls with BIG eyes) seemed particularly appropriate.
Above is a picture of the whole quilt. It's done in simple squares, a quick and easy quilt to do. The fabric is the hero of the quilt rather than complex patchwork blocks.
 Here's a close-up of the cute owl fabric which highlights the BIG eyes.
Above is the label. I'm not the best embroiderer in the world but I think it really pays to finish quilts with a beautiful longlasting label.

Re-purposed Vintage Doileys July 2019

I still have what seems to be an endless number of my mother's vintage doileys. Having made two quilt tops out of many of them, I'm now looking for other ways of using them. Below is a sewing work bag which I think highlights the beautiful embroidery. The doiley was sewn onto a quilted and padded base and then the bag was sewn up. I like this one so more will follow for my knitting and sewing friends.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Sarah's Quilt and Ian's Bar Table Runner May 2019

Several years ago I was given a large bundle of batik scraps of top quality cotton from Indonesia. So far I have made five quilt tops from them. When my friend Sarah came to visit she chose one of them for her lap quilt. The one she chose was a pattern called Chinese Coin, consisting of strips of fabric of varying widths sewn together and cut into long 6 1/2 inch strips. In between there are black sashes of cotton/linen. It's bound in bright pink and backed with a bright turquoise batik. Quilting is of the simplest sort in a grid of rectangles with black thread.
 Above:View of the whole quilt
 Above: Close-up of the strips which vary randomly in width
 Above:The label with the backing
Above: Close-up of the label

Sarah and Ian  are building a new bar and this table runner should fit very well.

It's a simple ninepatch set on point. I made it five ninepatches long but when using this pattern I've often shortened it to suit various purposes. The pattern came from Picklemouse Corner in Leura in the Blue Mountains of new South Wales. I've had it for many years and use it often for gifts as it is very simple and quick to make and also very versatile depending on the fabric used.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Willow's Quilt 2018-2019

I promised my great-niece, Willow a quilt when she came to visit from Queensland. She chose a range of fabrics that she liked from my stash and they were used in this quilt. She clearly adores it and her Mother says she won't sleep without it. Spending many hours making a quilt is worth it when it is appreciated as much as this one is.
 The quilt was a panel from Logans with sweet little girl figures on it in oldfashioned clothes. I interspersed those blocks with matching ninepatches which repeated some of the colours in the dominant blocks. It was great fun and easy to do. The striped sasshing was an accidental stroke of brilliance. I really think it highlighted those dominant blocks.

This last photo was taken when Willow was not well. Her mother says she insisted on having it over her. What a sweetie.

Sewing Bags Workshop February 2019

I had a sewing bag like these given to me by a crafter friend years ago. My quilting friends at Mascot  admired it and asked me to workshop the bag for them. Unfortunately I didn't have a pattern for the bag so I thought I'd make it up as it looked pretty simple. I had lots of reproduction civil war scraps from other projects so I cut them all into strips of varying width for everybody and they sewed them vertically onto a backing. I made the bag in several stages to demonstrate what to do to the group.
The second bag I put the strips onto the backing obliquely for a bit of variety and to show what could be done with the various colours. They each sewed up their bags with lining and an inside pocket and some made a second one. We put large press-studs on for catches and then sewed a button on the outside of the top as in the photo. They have been a great success and fun to make as it's just a small project that can be done quickly. The group also made them in varying sizes suiting their purposes. My favourite is my blue one (below) because it includes a lot of my gorgeous reproduction fabrics in brown and blue. I call them "The Uglies". Somehow they are beautiful even though the colour combination sounds "icky" to me.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Second Doiley Quilt 2018

I have a lot of my mother's doilys and don't want to get rid of them for sentimental reasons. Few people use these delightful little pieces of lace any more. My mother had a big collection some of which she made herself, others she bought or were given to her. I handsewed each of the doilys to a square of unbleached calico, put a couple of borders around each block and made them into a quilt top. Hopefully my grandsons will appreciate having a little something that belonged to their great grandmother. I have taken photos of some of the individual blocks and also taken one of the quilt.