Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mugbags for two new members of Yarnspinners

The bag with the purple eggplants belongs to Maru who joins us most weeks and shows us beautiful fabrics and notions and new techniques to use in our quilting efforts. She is a wonderful addition to our group bringing a Costa Rican perspective to Yarnspinners.

The seafoam coloured bag and mug belong to Mika. Mika does beautiful crochet and is going to learn how to quilt with us. Looking forward to teaching her some basics next week. Mika brings a rich Japanese perspective to our group.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Daisy Mae's Baby Quilt Jan 2017

First quilt for 2017! This one had to be a fast one as my sister-in-law is only here from England for 3 weeks. She is about to have a new granddaughter and was ecstatic when I said I would do a quilt for Daisy Mae. Fortunately I had this one half sewn up already and she loved it - so - problem solved! Here are the pictures. Of course it's a simple quilt made of six and a half inch plain blocks which relies on the colours and textures of the fabric rather than any fancy work in the blocks. I tend to do this for baby quilts because they have to be hardwearing and easily machine washable.
 Above: the whole quilt
 Above: close-up of the blocks and fabric
Above: close-up of the label