Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm wishing I had more time to quilt this week but I'm working in Bathurst. I did manage to get to my quilting group The Bathurst Bag Ladies yesterday. We meet at Noela's shop: Bathurst Fabrics and Trims every Tuesday morning and then we go for lunch. I played the wag from work and took small presents from Lancaster County Pennsylvania (Amish Country) that I had bought for the ladies. Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm going to go to my other quilting group Flying Geese. This group appropriately meets at the Aero Club at the airport. Now that I've moved to Sydney I don't get to go to my Bathurst groups very often but I know I'm always welcome.I've just joined a group in Summer Hill and all the women seem very talented and very friendly. I'm hoping it will be fun. No photos this week as I haven't bought the camera with me to Bathurst. Have to experiment with all that. Hope you are all having a great week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Introduction: My first post

This is my very first post for the new blog! I've been writing study guides, marking assignments and helping people to study for their early childhood education degrees for the past few weeks. Haven't had much time to myself to sew my quilts. When I got back from my holiday in America on August 03 the work had really piled up. I moved to Sydney on May 15 and still haven't finished unpacking. I want to take my time and get it right. My new flat is delightful but the colour scheme is very bland ( I am not a beige person and detest being told "Oh you can put anything with beige to brighten it up! Yucch to that  is what I say"). However I'll have to do just that till I get it together and have a bit of spare time to pint it.One of my friends (Natima) is helping me to set up the blog. Hers is a sight to see! Have a look at it :  notjustnat

Above is my Firefighters' quilt which I  made after the bushfires. The red strips are meant to be the fires, and  other strips are made from leafy fabric and sky coloured fabric. It is my favourite kind of quilt  - a scrappy one. My machine quilter found a great continuous pattern of flames. It suited the quilt beautifully.

Enjoy it all! Myra