Sunday, December 2, 2012

Latest Baby Quilt

Here is my latest baby quilt made for one of Suzi's friends who will have wee laddie in December. It's made from Saffron Craig fabric and is all organic cotton. I have to say I enjoy doing non-traditional baby quilts like this one. It provided a huge challenge as most of the coordinated fabric set consisted of highly dominant patterns. Even the smaller flower prints seemed really dominant to me.

In the end I decided to make strips and join them all together. The strips would "tone down" or reduce the effects  some of the dominants like the huge spot and I included two solids, a medium grey and an ordinary unbleached calico. I put "dollops" of the solids in each strip. It worked for me and Suzi's friend loves it. The colours are a deep red-purple a lighter red-purple, grey, cream and  acid green. It's never difficult to do a baby quilt in bright colours or use coordinated baby fabrics but these more unusual fabrics designed by  a well-known Australian designer were a definite challenge. I think the border in the "fence post" type print work well.

Here are pictures of the front, the back and the label. .....and yes I was lazy enough to do the back in only two of the prints! TeeHee! I was tired of it by the time I got to the back. For the binding I simply strung all my "leftovers" and scraps together in 2 and a half inch strips. It's a favourite way of mine to do the binding.