Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Mugbag for me December 2015

We all know that bags have a limited life. They get worn and stained and just plain dirty and have to be thrown out. Here is a picture of my new bag made for my favourite black and white mug. I thought the outside fabric was pretty conservative for me so I did the lining in a loud zebra print just to provide a surprise when the bag is opened.


  1. love the black and white theme, I've never used a mug bag, maybe it is a quilters "thing".

  2. I find them really handy, Jean. They protect the mug from undesirable insects and dust and you are released from needing to use those nasty looking mugs in the staffroom that belong to no one.

  3. being retired, I'd forgotten about the staffroom horrors. Never had a problem with insects but occasionally a fuzzy mug filled with spinning fibres!