Saturday, January 23, 2016

Laurie's Quilt Nov-Dec 2015

Laurie's Quilt was done in a series of coordinating batik prints which I bought in the U.S. The main block had 17 pieces in it which extended the time for making it. The supporting block was an hourglass block, one of my fav blocks.
                                                           Above: Laurie's Quilt front
                                            Laurie's Quilt: Front Detail

                                         Above is the main block measuring 9.5 inches with 17 pieces.
                                          Above : Hourglass supporting block.
                                             Above: back of Laurie's Quilt
                                        Above: Laurie's Quilt Back Detail

                                          Above: Laurie's Quilt: Label

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  1. Lovely quilt Myra. I haven't finished a quilt for ages. I have two on the go and almost done. Will show them off soon - Love Nat