Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aprons for Little Treasures

I'm sure you've all been as busy with work and family as I have. It's as much as I can do to post a few comments on Facebook at the moment. One of the projects keeping me busy is making aprons. Two friends have just started their dream coffee shop. It's called "Little Treasures" and is a gorgeous cafe/bookshop. Craig and Nick have been open for over a month now and they're pulling 12 hour days, seven days a week. I decided to make an apron for Craig to do his cooking in - as a little cafe warming present you understand. I made ONE apron. Oh dear! He needs at least seven and he loves them. I'm very prone to flattery and people liking my work (sucker).The waitress needs one too! For the past three weeks I've been sewing up these aprons. I have to admit I had a lot of fun doing them but I'm over aprons now. DEFINITELY! I used raw edged applique for all eight aprons and they are washing well. I lined them all. Craig likes this because when he cooks his Jesus loaves (another story) he spills stuff on the aprons and so when he wants a clean one he just turns the apron to the lining side. Hope you enjoy the piccys of some of them.

OK OK I'll tell about the Jesus loaves. The loaves are baby ones that Craig serves with soup (remembering it is winter here). The savoury ones have feta, dried tomato, and basil. The sweet ones have berries etc in them. They were SO delicious I said to  him that I bet that's what the loaves tasted like when they handed out the loaves and fishes after the sermon the mount. He looked at me blankly. I told him he was a heathen and ever since then we've called them Jesus loaves ( absolutely no disrespect intended). AND they are heavenly.


  1. I can see why they love your aprons. They are gorgeous and unique. I don't mind one to cook Christmas dinner in (just kidding)...

  2. ...and the aprons are heavenly, too. If you are taking orders...ha, ha

  3. You seem to e taking orders. Is that the case? I know the feeling.i think I have made around 40 cushion covers this year , all from superhero fabric plus a couple of pillowcases. Fortunately the big boys have changed tack . Nw they want long sleep pants from the superhero fabric.