Friday, August 31, 2012

A present for a new baby

I have always enjoyed making baby quilts. Knowing the smallest thing about the parents or the babe can give you great ideas to use for a quilt. In this case the quilt is a present for one of Suzi's close friends who is about to have her first child. This friend loves rainbows and I thought it would be great to do a chevron quilt in rainbow colours. THEN  I came across half a metre of rainbow stripes and a fat quarter of a different rainbow fabric. I used the stripe for the border and that really dressed up the chevrons. Rainbows suggest cloud and rain to me so I thought it would be sweet to do a cloud pillow (with rainbow legs of course). I stuffed the pillow very lightly, then I used the fat quarter to make a cushion in the shape of a rainbow. The rainbow hooks over the cloud in a really cute way. I definitely had fun with this one.

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  1. Oh, Myra, this is so sweet, you made me smile with pleasure!