Saturday, January 7, 2017

Daisy Mae's Baby Quilt Jan 2017

First quilt for 2017! This one had to be a fast one as my sister-in-law is only here from England for 3 weeks. She is about to have a new granddaughter and was ecstatic when I said I would do a quilt for Daisy Mae. Fortunately I had this one half sewn up already and she loved it - so - problem solved! Here are the pictures. Of course it's a simple quilt made of six and a half inch plain blocks which relies on the colours and textures of the fabric rather than any fancy work in the blocks. I tend to do this for baby quilts because they have to be hardwearing and easily machine washable.
 Above: the whole quilt
 Above: close-up of the blocks and fabric
Above: close-up of the label

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