Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Mugbags: August 2015

Recently The Yarnspinners asked me to workshop the little mugbags that I use so frequently as gifts. To do this I prepared each step in progression to demonstrate how to proceed. This involved cutting out 4 mugbags which would later need sewing up. So...........last week after the workshop I sewed all the mugbags up! We can't have them hanging about unfinished can we? And a pretty little bunch they turned out to be. I love doing them because they are very quick and easy and you can use those pretty little pieces you have left over from other projects. It's fun making the lining coordinate and more fun choosing fabric to match the mugs you have. Here is the latest batch.

That red one has no mug or drawstring yet but the fabric was a beautiful oriental that I had left over from some other project.

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  1. You have been busy with these mug bags. Are they the stuff on your dinning table? The mugs are cute too!