Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mug bags for "The Yarnspinners"

My craft group in Sydney is called "The Yarnspinners". We meet every Tuesday afternoon at St Peters Library and have great fun doing various different crafts. Recently some new members joined, Leonard and Leonie so I made a couple of mug bags for them. These are great for craft groups or for the staffroom at work. Encased in a pretty bag your mug

 will never be "borrowed" by other staff members and left unwashed. The ubiquitous Sydney cockroaches won't be able to get at it and it will be protected from dust and dirt. If you're doing one of these for a gift make sure the mug matches the fabric of the bag perfectly and your gift will be greatly appreciated. My photos aren't the best, sorry, I should have cropped them. I'm good at mug bags but not so good at photography!

1 comment:

  1. Love your mug bags Myra. I have a much more complicated one but I think I like yours better, and it can be hung on a cup hook too. Oh yes, always make the bag and mug match :-)