Friday, June 20, 2014

Finding Photos: The Firefighters' Quilt 2005

Australia has many terrible bushfires every year which rage through the country destroying crops, trees, gardens,  livestock and houses. Houses can be gone in a second eating up irreplaceable family possessions. In 2005 I made this quilt to commemorate the wonderful skilled and courageous work done by the volunteer bush fire brigades in the country. The red symbolises the fires and the many other fabrics detail the skies, trees plants and animals threatened by these terrible flames. The quilt was professionally quilted by Jenny Baker in Bathurst in a continuous flame pattern. It's a scrap quilt done in alternating ninepatches and post and rail blocks. Simple but much loved blocks. I think this quilt demonstrates well how simple blocks can be enhanced by many different fabrics. A scrap quilt never fails.

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