Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Myra's Retreat Project

My project for this retreat was to work on the top for a baby quilt. The mother of the baby boy to be borned (as Theo would say) in September loves a rainbow. I just have the corners to do now but got the bulk of the cot quilt done at the retreat. I will embroider the baby's name on the quilt.


  1. Great quilt for baby. You are expert on baby quilts Myra.

  2. love bright colours for babies, why should they start life in pastel pink or blue. Might stunt their growth forever!

  3. Dear Myra san,
    Hoping this finds you well.
    I sent a friend request to your Facebook. I was trying to just send you a message. As I never use FB except to look for people you can ignore it. I was looking for you to ask you for your mailing address to send the indigo knit material that is already boxed and stamped and named and countried and cityied but not yet streeted and zip coded and numbered in you case.
    Please send your snail mail address to leafytails@gmail.com and I will have that off to you right away.

    Winter must almost be there, summer is only a few degrees centigrade away here.

    Take care,