Friday, December 23, 2011


Hello and Merry Xmas to all my lovely  friends on this wonderful Christmas Eve!

I've been busy organising stuff for Xmas as you have too. All the usual stuff - shopping for food, shopping for pressies, having lunch going to Xmas parties etc etc. I haven't had time for the blog at all. I'm having Christmas at Suzi and Ed's place with my little boys and am looking forward to seeing them open their pressies. Christmas ain't Christmas without kids is it? It's a big family Xmas and I have done some placemats for my little boys and their two cousins. The three boys have stars on their placemats and Eloise (the queen of the cousins) has a heart. The colour theme this Xmas at Suzi's is aqua and red. It was fun planning it.Here are the piccys.

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