Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Saga Continues

Hey Everyone! I have been busy sewing the rest of the European pillowcases, 5 altogether. Four of the fronts are finished and the last front is partially finished and just needs its surrounding fabric. I have attached the photos. Still a lot of work to do though. I have to put the cases together now, sew the pockets on the back, do the buttonholes (35 of them!) and sew 35 buttons on. I decided it would be fun to sew a pocket on the back of each pillowcase - space to put in a favourite small toy.

In the meantime my daughter Suzi has informed me she will be hosting an extended fa,ily Xmas this year. She wants some help to organise the red and aqua colour scheme she has decided on for the decorations and tableware. So watch this space!!

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  1. These are really cool My! I am home again from a week away to Vietnam - Hugs Nat