Friday, September 8, 2023

Charlotte Viktorija's Quilt: May 2023

             Charlotte Viktorija's quilt is also an "I spy" quilt (see my previous post). As I didn't know whether the baby would be a girl or a boy, I made it so that either gender would be fine.


                                        Above is a photo of the finished quilt

                    I used printed Dick and Jane fabric for the sashing and thin red stripe for the                         outer border.

                                            Above; Close-up of sashing and border


                                                Above is the backing fabric

                                                               Above:  the label


                                            Above: the label positioned on the back of the quilt

Mya Jo's Quilt: April 2023

                                            Here is Mya Jo on her quilt

Mya Jo's Quilt is an "I spy" quilt, the first of several made this year. The basic pattern is a "square within a square" block. The central 5" square has objects in it which can be talked about and used to develop language in young children. Fabrics printed with letters and numbers are also used. The label can also be used to familiarise the child with her name in print.


 Whole quilt photo: I used traditional pink gingham for the sashing with a border of random leftover scraps.

                                        Above is a selection of close-ups of the blocks

                                            The back of Mya Jo's quilt

                                        The quilt label

Monday, August 21, 2023

Lolowia's Quilt: April 2023

This special quilt was made for the youngest grandchild of Lynette Riley who was a student of mine many years ago. Lolowia was named for ancestors on her father's side. She is pictured below lying on the back of the quilt.

                     Lolowia's mother, Garrigarra shows the front of the quilt.

The back of the quilt is decorated with a goanna theme, one of the clan totems of Lolowia's Wiradgery family.

                               Lolowia's grandmother came to me to pick up the quilt.

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL ARTIST:   CINDY WALLACE comes from a well-known artistic background and a number of her works have been printed in the past by M & S Textiles Australia.  This fabric is entitled "Bush Foods". The fabric used for sashing has made the whole quilt look as if it is in dappled sunlight, an amazing and unexpected effect.

The label shows possums and their tracks as well as  embroidered goanna & kangaroo tracks, all of which are family, clan and individual totems.

Barbara's Quilt November 2022


I made this blue and white quilt in Barbara's favourite colours. Enpoint squares in strips are alternated with a reproduction French toile with bucolic pictures highlighted.

Above is a closeup of the enpoint strip. The dark square is part of a vintage Japanese silk kimono.

                                              The quilt label above

                                 Dragonfly quilting detail on the back of the quilt

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Christmas Wall Hanging/tabletopper November 2022

 I made this wallhanging/table topper for the Mascot Senior Citizens Centre. In the Xmas box was the Xmas tree panel and some smaller scraps. I made a randomly put together "piano key" border from the scraps, put it on the panel, quilted it and the put the red binding on with Monica's help for the handsewing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Georgia's Quilt November 2022

Photo from Cluck Cluck Sew site 2012 Free pattern on the website. Thank you

Here is the hand embroidered label
A picture of the whole quilt which consists of hourglass blocks (a favourite block of mine) made with pink scraps and white for highlighting the blocks
Closer-up of the fabrics, some of which are Valentine's Day fabrics
Beautiful hourglass shapes  alternating sideways and uprights.


Scrappy Quilt just because.......I really enjoy making something pretty out of my scrap box July/August 2022

Sorry go to the bottom of the photos and come back up one by one

Sew the squares alternately together and bingo! a pretty scrap quilt top. Haven't finished it yet
Make the squares with the white borders and sew the strips together for the multicoloured squares
Choose the colours
You start with your scrap basket